The flash flood hunters

Flash floods are ectremly beautiful and dangerous, and watching them upclose requires preparation, before reaching the stream that is expected to be washed, you have to understand what the expected weather is, what is the concentration basin of the stream, and never walk around it if it is expected to wash. It is important to remember that a stream can wash even if it does not rain, and arrive suddenly.

We joined an experienced group of "hunters" who took us to the Negev Desert, where we failed to catch a flood. Thats until we reached the Judean Desert, which did not disappoint- in the video - Nahal Tze'elim and Birkat Tzafira, and the amazing Shafan waterfall, Hemar waterfall, which was dry, and Arugot waterfall.

Here are some safe points and access to a private car to see the floods

Nahal Og - observation point from the road bridge leading to Nabi Musa, just above Almog.
Kumaran River - From the pont the stream crosses route 90.
Nahal Darga - A view from the top of the road leading to the holiday resort of Matzuki Dragot.
Nahal Tze'elim - view over Tzafira pool, the access there changes from year to year, as of the beginning of the winter 18 \ 19 it is easly approachable from the village of Nokdim, on the road from Arad to Massada.
Nahal Hamer - observation point from Highway 258 above the bridge.

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