Hiking map

Kziv stream

The trail in the Kziv stream is wooded with special vegetation, springs, and a flowing stream


Length of the route
The trail begins at the Kziv Stream car park, just off Mitzpe Hila. The trail is circular and is 9 km long.
It is not particularly challenging but there are lots of points of interest, so you should start relatively early so you wont be hiking in the dark. The track ends with a hike back from the stream, it is recommended to bring walking shoes.

Points of interest
After a kilometer and a half you arrive at Monfort Fortress, where you can see the entire stream, you can walk there for over an hour and explore the fortress and its rooms.
From the fortress you descend to the stream, where the hike is a moderate, and there are many beautiful spots to stop for a break by the water.
About three and a half kilometers from the descent to Ein Tamir, wich in a beautiful spring with clear water. the return path to the car is just before Ein Tamir.
Ein Tamir is the only spring in the Kziv stream that is not pumped. and its water is clear and nice

Recommended season

The trip is suitable the whole year, the trees leave the trail shaded and can be enjoyed on a hot day.

Public Transport

There are not many options.

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